Now get customized terrorist online, Visit today.

The continuous increasing demand of terrorists have now forced the bigger brands to make them available online. An online terrorism selling website made by the rapidly emerging terrorism service provider I-PISS, will be available from today. You just have to make an account to book your order, *one FIR copy of at-least one murder case is needed at the time of registration. You can also sign-up using your religious or political accounts.

This service is funded by the Prime Conspirator of Napak-istan, Nawaz-Kaheka-Shareef. They are also getting sponsored by few private companies who serves in anti-peace lotions. When asked, The president of INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF TERRORISTS AND COWARDS (ICTC), Mr. Madar-al-kabadi have shared his thoughts “The time of entrepreneurship has emerged, every single organization which was before serving for others have now started building their own legacy. I-PISS is another shameful example of the same, we are really proud to have such hypocrites on our land”

This idea first came to the CEO of I-PISS, Abu-Bakmat-al-Bakchodi, when his company failed to deliver many orders due to commitment of intelligence agencies. He later shared his thoughts and inspiration with us at the launch blast.

“See, the demand is very high but supply is as limited as Napak-istan’s approach towards peace. We are getting many orders from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India’s Kashmir, it is really tough for us to reach every organization in the world.” al-bakchodi said.

He also shared his inspiration behind the idea when asked by a news seller. “Well, it came to my mind when i ordered few dildos for my wives from, i was totally amazed to see how fast they delivered what i always wished for”

“We have different kinds of terrorist available here on, as you know that satisfying a customer is always difficult than satisfying some one on bed, atleast for me” he said while taking a long breath. “Especially customers from India’s Kashmir ate my mind by kept saying ‘Aur Dikhao, Aur Dikhao” he then added.

Later Mr. Bhosdika-al-Bhikhari, head of the Brain-Washing, Manufacturing, Training and Marketing team informed “You can choose from a variety of terrorists here, we have products of Inter-Planeterian Quality which will help you to complete your job not only on Earth but on Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Moon too. Products like ‘GunKaFun’, ‘BombKaTomb’, ‘InsaniyatkaJanaza’ ‘AmericanHaramis’ and ‘IndianPeacekeeper’ can also be upgraded also.”


Talking to us more Mr. Bhosdika-al-Bhikhari says “We will soon be making our nuclear, aerial and underwater products available along with human bombs. The best part of this idea is you can also download a terrorist and customize it as per your need, we are also working on our new product BekarKaWar which will be capable to reach other galaxy as we just got the information of another Earth like, KEPLER. We want to go there before humanity reaches.

But this path of new age terrorism is not easy for I-PISS because big brands like Al-Be-Qaeda and Lashkar will give a tough competition. Also ventures like Indian-Suzauddin are in the race. The intelligence agencies and forces are also making spams and virus to corrupt this anti-humanity, anti-god and anti-religion system but formation of a new god of terrorists, who has different views than ours is creating a hurdle for them.

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Recipe Name – Voter-Ne Fool-Che (How to cook a fool voter) | Recipe Origin Country – INDIA |

Hello My Dear Indians,

Welcome to my Blog….. 🙂

Today we will talk about how to cook an International recipe which is tasted and cooked by many countries through-out our green, nature loving and peaceful world, VOTERne FOOLche. 

Origin Country – India

History :

Voterne Foolche was first cooked and served in India during the first general elections held in 1951-1952 by a group of Honest, Dedicated and Patriotic Indian Politicians. After a huge successful response it never looked back and continued to served to Indians, the most anti corruption people in the world. This amazing dish soon spread its legs to many more countries and got a fabulous acceptance also. Many political leaders have earned an infinite amount of dignity, respect and money from their voters by serving Voterne Foolche to them. The ways of cooking this recipe has been evolved with time, here are the ways to cook it today……..:

Ingredients to cook Voterne Foolche :

  1. Countless kilos of Money oil.
  2. Few grams of condiments like MBAians, Ad-Gurus, Marketing specialists, Social Media Guys and a Printing press is must.
  3. Use different Media sauces to make it spicy and delicious.
  4. You will also need few bottles of shithead morons like a cherry on the cake to only show off about the fake developments with fake alien promises about transformation of the state like Hansika Motwani.
  5. One packet of illogical but wanna be intellectual spokesperson also should be in your stock to compliment with many shocking and amazing facts about the party and its leader, facts like sunny leone is a virgin.
  6. And thousands of blame beans.

How to cook Voterne Foolche :

Step 1- Put your political kadhai on the election commission stove and flame it with democracy, Heat it to a certain extent (Note- extra heat can disqualify the whole kadhai). After that use plenty of money oil and leave it for sometime.

Step 2- Now add MBAians, Ad-Gurus, Marketing chilies, social media jeera according to your need. After mixing it all add a printing press to the blend, remember printing press is the only condiment which is suitable for all voters. (Note- make sure that the money oil reaches all the condiments well).

Step 3- Now use few media sauces (Choose the brand wisely- you can buy from a range of brands) to make the blend spicy yet delicious. Always remember that you also put few grams of morons along with the media sauces at the same time or else media sauces can harm the dish.

Step 4- Mix everything with a spokesperson spoon, which has a larger mouth but smallest tail. The more you mix the more it will enhance the taste and can look attractive to your voters. (Packaging is everything).

Step 5- When everything is mixed in a proper ratio, use the blame beans to spread hatred smell to the opposition chefs for sometime, till than you can relax and wait for the dish to complete. (Note- Do not forget to cover the kadhai with fake secular steel)

Final Step- When your dish is ready, serve it on an avatar tray (Note- The face on the tray should look like an avatar which is here to protect his voters from themselves). Now you can pack it with unemployed and uneducated papers to make it look fabulous.

Note- If anything goes wrong or any condiment fails please try the master condiment which is sympathy India. It is available on 1.25 billion shops across the country.

Things to be taken care- Never use any honest spices, it can harm your dish and kadhai. If any chefs from the supreme kitchen arrives, always pretend like you are the most targeted, talented, honest and lovable chef in the history (For this you will need some fulsome onions ready always)



There was an era when short films were a projection of excellence in cinema or a way to express a meaningful story in lesser words but the scenario has completely changed as short films are not being able to hold the audience.

It just not only fault of makers but audience too because even we are not expressing any interest towards them. The commercial mindset is killing the small industries of cinema like short films and documentaries and the result is as expected, we are rapidly losing the creativity for stories in our cinema world especially bollywood. Earlier the makers use to project their skills and artistic views through this medium but gradually the higher demand of commercial cinema took over the short film industry.

Today, very few short films are being made on a professional level but more as learning skills and cinema making lessons. Whenever I see a short film on youtube or any other platform I always appreciate the concept because it always takes me to another level and only one question comes to mind that will people ever pay to watch short films as do for the feature length?

Yes, that’s the question for us. Why can’t we pay to watch a good short film, just because we think that it’s not worthy? Well, it is.

If we promote the short film industry, trust me there will lot more fabulous minds coming up with their fantastic ideas and stories. Because there is countless talent in our country, it’s us who doesn’t want give them an opportunity.

In India, we have a typical mindset of following trends either it’s about academics or sports or profession and the same is with our cinema industry. Whenever a concept is liked by an audience you’ll see that many more films will be made on the same platform because all they want to encash the opportunity. There is nothing wrong in that but we are doing it by simply killing our own talent.

India, which once was the land of stories and fairytales, has now very few stories to tell.

I think short film industry needs a complete renovation and the pioneers in our film industry should promote it. There is only one thing short about the short films, The Name. It carries high-potential and we should promote and welcome the makers to make more films to entertain and enlighten us.